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Provide timely care

Maximize revenue

Remotely monitor your COPD patients to provide better care and increase your billings with minimal time commitment.

How we can help

Improve Patient Outcomes

Improve patient outcomes and prevent complications with the real-time data, actionable insights and predictive modelling

Provide Efficient Care

Streamline your practice and increase efficiency with convenient and effective remote patient monitoring

Increase Your Revenue

Grow your revenue and see more patients with the comprehensive and flexible remote monitoring capabilities of Tabiat

Our Advantage

Developed for COPD

We understand COPD and the burden it places on both patients and doctors. That’s why we’ve worked in close collaboration with COPD patients and doctors to build a platform that works for you. Learn how our platform can improve COPD care.

Optimized for Care

We know how busy you are as a doctor. Tabiat’s optimized platform delivers you actionable insights to minimize overhead and let you optimally manage your time.
See how our platform can help you optimize your time.

How we compare

COPD Focused

Streamline the care of COPD patients with easy access to vital signs and symptoms, and the ability to receive customized alerts for potential exacerbations.

Minimal Overhead

Receive actionable insights instead of being overloaded with irrelevant data through our research-developed clinician dashboard

High compliance

We have validated our platform with COPD patients to ensure they feel that their needs are being met and they are getting better care, leading to higher compliance rates.