Our Mission: Changing Lives with AI 

Tabiat leverages cutting-edge AI to enhance diagnostic accuracy, providing patients with faster, more precise health assessments. This innovation ensures early detection and intervention for a range of conditions.

By analyzing vast amounts of health data, Tabiat’s AI systems predict potential health issues before they become serious, allowing for preventive measures to be taken, thereby prioritizing patient wellness.

Harnessing Tech for Health

With AI-enabled devices and sensors, Tabiat offers automated monitoring of patients’ health metrics, ensuring continuous care and immediate response to any changes in patient conditions, embodying the tech-first promise of real-time, data-driven healthcare.


Our Team Members

Daniyal Laiqat, PHD

CEO & Co-Founder

Salaar Laiqat, MSc

CTO and Co-Founder

Eyal de Lara, PhD

Mobile Tech Advisor

Dr. Moustafa Abdalla, MD, PhD

Medical Advisor

Rob Kenedi

Business Advisor

Frank Rudzicz, PhD

ML/AI Advisor

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