Tabiat for Hospitals

With Tabiat, hospitals can remotely monitor patients’ vital signs, symptoms, and medication adherence, enabling early intervention and preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions. This not only improves patient outcomes but also increases operational efficiency and revenue generation for the hospital.

Improving care, reduce readmissions

Experience the future of healthcare with our remote patient monitoring platform. By keeping patients connected to their care teams from the comfort of home, we’re transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Our platform enables real-time tracking of vital signs and symptoms, ensuring early intervention when needed. With proactive monitoring and personalized support, we’re not just improving patient outcomes—we’re reducing hospital readmissions, enhancing overall care quality, and putting peace of mind at the forefront of every patient’s journey.

New billing codes, new services for your patients

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Dedicated Tabiat nurses to manage day-to-day care

Tabiat simplifies hospital operations by offering dedicated nursing staff for patient monitoring. With our solution, hospitals experience streamlined workflows and increased revenue, ensuring seamless care delivery while maximizing resource efficiency

Seamless Integration for Immediate Impact 

Experience seamless integration with Tabiat’s solutions, perfectly tailored to fit your hospital’s workflow. No more headaches from messy integrations—our platform is designed for hassle-free implementation. Say hello to streamlined processes and goodbye to cumbersome setups. With fast provisioning and intuitive usability, our platform empowers your staff to prioritize what truly matters: delivering exceptional care.

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