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About Us

We started as a team of machine learning, clinical and computer science researchers at the University of Toronto and the Vector institute for Artificial Intelligence. Now, we are on a mission to build a more proactive healthcare system where care is not just about fixing health problems, but identifying and addressing them before they are able to become problems. By combining our background, we have built a platform that offers best-in-class technology in an easy to use, user-friendly interface.

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Daniyal Liaqat, PhD

Salaar Liaqat, MSc

Advisory Board

Eyal de Lara, PhD

Chair and Professor of Computer Science, University of Toronto


Frank Rudzicz, PhD

Faculty Member, Vector Institute & Associate Professor of Computer Science, University of Toronto


Rob Kenedi

Seasoned leader with executive experience and helped build the Ontario Telemedicine Network


Dr. Moustafa Abdalla, MD, PhD

Surgical Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital